Are Business Process Management and Business Architecture a perfect match? | The Open Group Blog

by Serge Thorn, Architecting the Enterprise

Whenever I suggest collaboration between these two worlds, I always observe some sort of astonishment from my interlocutors. Many Enterprise Architects or Business Architects do not realise there may be synergies. Business Process Management (BPM) team have not understood what Enterprise Architecture is all about and the other way around… There is no a single definition of Business Process Management, often it means different things to different people. To keep it very generic, BPM relates to any activities an organization does to support its process efforts.

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Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture | “To Be” Enterprise Architecture

“Why do enterprise systems like SAP fail in some companies yet succeed in others? Clearly, the interrelationship between technology and process, skills and culture was not taken into account.” Dana Bredmeyer in Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture.

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Companies are keeping CIO’s outside influence

According to an article in the business daily Børsen companies are keeping the CIO outside influence by not involving the CIO in strategic decisions in the board of directors. This is of course a problem, but to me it is an even bigger problem when the Chief Process Officer (CPO) is not involved in the strategic work, or worse not even having a CPO.
The problem in the board of directors is not so much the lack of IT specific competencies, but more the missing understanding of Business Processes and Enterprise Architecture as a whole.
Organizations exist to execute processes that create value for customers and other stakeholders. To manage an organization you must manage its processes.”

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What’s the point of this ‘EA metamodel’?

The EA Blogs has this very interessting article on meta-model. The meta-model is a cornestone is a model driven approach.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about metamodels for enterprise-architecture and the like: but what’s the point? Why bother? Why all this fuss about something that’s way too technical to be of interest to almost anyone in the real workaday world? – Read more 

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Model Driven Enterprise Architecture

I have been describing organisations for a decade now using different types of models, process, application architecture etc., and I am always amazed off how little understanding or appreciation of models that organisations in general have.
This blog is about creating and using models in Enterprise Architecture in order to create value for organisations engaged in Enterprise Architecture, and I’m not talking about IT architecture.
I will try and share some of my experiences and ideas on using models in EA.

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